The Wavinator and More

Hello everyone! I want to provide you all with some updates as to what’s going on the last couple weeks. The main feature I added to the game lately is a powerup called the Wavinator. Players can knock back boats and other obstacles by making waves! Tonight I will be working on adding a couple more items to make the game more fun to play as well. Last night I stayed up all night to try to fix a bug with the physics system "removing" colliders when gold crates are created. Come to find out the bug was three lines that I forgot to remove while debugging. I guess that’s the programmer’s life, haha. The first internal demo is almost complete, I hope to deploy it to some friends and get some early feedback. I’m hoping to be able to afford purchasing a new iPad Pro later this year if a new one is released for debugging and testing purposes. Not owning an iOS device is the only setback at this point from not releasing once the game is ready. My high school open house is this Sunday and I’m planning on having a couple ThinkPads set up for people to play the internal demo of Steer Clear. In theory I should be able to receive some valuable feedback to improve the early builds. Next week I’ll provide another update on the feedback I’ve acted on and some new content I’ve added.

Happy Sailing!

Developer of Steer Clear

Written on June 22, 2018